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Yesterday I daily in a small book to absorb spiritual food, suddenly saw a very serious sharing paste, semi-permanent highlights. What, half what light? Perpetual what? There is still this project It's the end of the year. Is everyone on the run? 77 only heard of semi-permanent eyebrows and eyeliner, really do not know there is a face dragon service ah! After a walk on the Internet, I found that only you couldn't think, without them... Money earned. I'm gon na have to talk to you today.


In fact, the semi-permanent project is similar to the principle of tattoos, using micro-needles to insert materials with a specific color into the skin, so that the pigment resides in the skin epidermis, forming a color block different from its own skin color.


What a Jane! Single! Rough! Violence! To speak more popularly is to give you an acupuncture spa just like Mammy Jung, and then bring you dye.


Face is our most precious and vulnerable place, and I don't recommend repeating it unless I have to, especially for projects that look like \"micro-business \". Not only are the results not guaranteed, but even the basic sanitary environment may not be up to standard.


So today 77 take advantage of the hot iron, quickly gave you a highlight fast-food guide, from the novice white to play highlights of the old driver, probably just to see the distance of this article.


Many sisters enter the highlight pit first, come up is a buy, the result is likely to buy the wrong product, that money can be lost. In fact, highlights are also learning, but also branch ow, according to their makeup characteristics and needs to choose highlights, to achieve the desired results ah.


Matte type of highlight is basically weak in the presence of gloss, the color is generally very light, but after the face can increase the brightness of the face to a certain extent, so often with the repair, so that our face become more three-dimensional full oh ~


I backhand a little love to the perfect diary! This highlight is amazing, with a black shell with a star flash, and a high-pressure disc with a brand logo and hexagonal star after opening, the whole look exquisite oh, not at all like more than 30 pieces.


This color is a matte white, its luster feeling is softer, the upper face has a certain sense of existence but is not too strong, so it is more suitable to hit on the nose. And because the face is transparent, not too exaggerated, very suitable for novice use oh.


It is matte pure white, the upper face only a little polarized. Its fine powder like a trace of smoke, the makeup on the face is a satin luster, very high-grade. It is very suitable to hit in the nose, people in these details of the place, makeup effect is natural enough to deceive straight man's eyes Oh.


We still remember the previous period of mao goping teacher to xu teacher makeup video, it can be called \"head change \"! It's all about Shiseido highlights. But that color number is P107, and if it's a novice, I'd rather choose WT905.


This is a high-light star product, its color is with a bit of milky white, the gloss on the face is with a fine flash, my sister said like a hit on hyaluronic acid haha ~ with its own small brush is very easy to use, basically sweep two layers can achieve the effect of bang muscle.


This small flash type of highlighter, with a few more tiny flashes than matte highlights, has a stronger sheen and cannot only give a three-dimensional feel on the skin, but also look more shiny with makeup.


When it comes to flashing highlights, you can't get around the ginger highlights of the MAC. It's a highlight with a micro-flash, while blending the matte version of the low-key soft, the upper face can add a good makeup effect of the delicate feeling ~


The gloss on the face is more like a sense of water, very transparent and clean, will not let people feel oil. And fine powder, basically no sense of particles, but also do not show pores ~ on the whole nothing wrong, is a obedient highlight.


Because of the high compact disc pressure plate and grain very much like pork and named, of course, the ultimate reason for fame or because it is easy to use. Start with a pink sunset plate, you can choose according to their preferences ~.


Its powder is very delicate, feel is velvet texture, pressure plate is very real, a small super durable. I was most moved by the color, bean powder with a light white color, the gloss is naturally bright, the face is the oxygen girl herself.


This set of highlights is really excellent, the shell is very flash, the pressure plate inside is also with diamond lines, plus small fresh color matching, who can carry this wow, anyway I cannot carry.


#17 color number added purple and light green color, the overall color is relatively light, so the face is very natural, said \"smeared hyaluronic acid\" is not too much, the face you are the woman with their own polish board.


Finally is the big flash highlight, this kind of highlight general background color is relatively shallow, inside the flash will be bigger, the glossy feeling is very strong, hits on the skin very obviously, is more suitable to go out to play or party when applying, may enhance the makeup fineness very well.


The reason why this is called core highlights, because there are two kinds of flash inside a plate, the outer ring is a clear water light fine flash, the inner core is a relatively dazzling flash. And its color name is really interesting. It's cute to swim all day, yoga for 30 minutes and lunch break for a quarter of an hour.


The texture is more soft waxy, press the finger will fall down the kind of oh ~ because of the more wet, so the color is not bad, the face is blue-purple flash, really, this # swimming all day is too good-looking bull, what is this elf, do not swim all day, it is better to call a selfie all day!


This series is also a 7-head Amway, not blame me, blame these highlights are too beautiful. One of the 77 favorites is the color of the horn, like the moon sprinkled on the face look.


As the name implies, its texture is very similar to mashed potatoes, soft, this basically no background, mainly to blue-purple flash, suitable for other high-light overlay. On the face is a sweet pink purple, like a fairy filter, the beauty of the high profile, beauty is not true!


This is a big diamond bull! The shell of the whole mirror is very clean and high-grade, and it has a heavy texture. Open, come on, it's like a plate of crushed diamond powder, is a word, the flash is over.


The texture is a bit Q-bomb type, but not as soft and waxy as mashed potato highlights, so it's easy to use fingers or brushes to take color. On the face has a strong sense of existence, even in the dark light will have a kind of water light luster, is really the diamond girl herself.


Because the girl has no resistance to this kind of bling thing, all the words will be condensed into two words: buy it!

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