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“It is now easy to pay only 30 per cent of the value of the new regulation, and the remaining expenses will have to be paid separately, the balance will not be refundable, and the application for a refund will not reach the customer service." Recently, some consumers complained to the yangtze business newspaper reporter, easy-to-car charge easy, difficult to use money, more difficult to refund money.


Recently, many users have found that easy-to-recharge time can be written as full payment, and now without any information, each taxi fee can only use 30% of the full amount.


In addition, recently easy to use vehicles for reporting false information was administratively punished. According to eye-check data, yi to (beijing east car cloud information technology co., ltd.) by the beijing east city bureau of statistics administrative punishment, and was given a warning and fine of 20,000. The violation of article 9, paragraph 2, of the National Economic Census Regulations constitutes an illegal act of providing false economic census data. Some analysts said that the break in the capital chain directly led to easy access to the car is now difficult to operate the situation.


“From tianhe airport to my home 32 kilometers, the comfortable car called, after the order should pay 149 yuan, but the system can only pay 28 yuan with the balance of the account, the remaining 121 yuan need to pay their own extra. Why should I be restricted when I have enough balance to pay?" Ms. li, a wuhan citizen, angrily told the yangtze business newspaper that she would have to use more than ten times to run out of the balance.


Then Ms. Li first contact customer service, manual customer service has been showing busy line, through the app online consultation has not responded. Ms Li told reporters that she had charged money on easy access two years ago, when the minimum value of 200 yuan to use, but usually in addition to the trip to the airport, in other places simply cannot call a car. This unilateral change in the payment system is easy and has not been communicated in any form.


Incidentally, mr. chang of fuzhou also complained:\" when i took a taxi in november, yi came to the platform without informing me in advance, forced in the third party alipay payment yuan, the account balance only paid yuan, and my account balance has yuan.\" He says it is easy to recharge when writing can be used in full as a payment. Now easy to the new regulation can only be 30% of the recharge amount, the remaining fees have to be paid separately, the application for a refund cannot contact customer service.


A reporter for the yangtze business newspaper found that in complaints about easy-to-use cars, such cases as ms. li and mr. zhang were not uncommon. A number of consumers reported that the easy-to-change in the terms of payment occurred after they had recharged the balance and had not been notified in time. They never succeeded when they tried to withdraw the balance from the account.


It is understood that Yi to the car from July 5 on the online \"mixed payment\" method, that is, payment of fares,\" account balance \"and\" WeChat \/ Alipay \/ Cash \"in a certain proportion to the mixed payment.


Changjiang business newspaper reporter download easy to car App found that the new account balance use rules said that users can choose to use \"third party payment\" and \"balance\" mixed payment of fares, will be deducted in proportion to the user \"balance \".


Despite the expression \"choice \",\" mixed payment\" is actually the only form of payment at present. In the actual fare payment interface, consumers can only choose WeChat or Alipay to pay, and the option of \"balance partial deduction\" defaults to 30% of the fare.


In response, Yi said the move is to ensure that owners can achieve 100% of the real-time accounts. On september 27, easy-to-use vehicles posted an announcement on the official microblogging platform,\" compensation withdrawals, full open \". The announcement said mr ei's \"apologetic\" introduction of a mixed-payment model was both the best way to address passenger balances and a self-help measure, calling it an \"operation \".


“It's not easy to get a single, but now it's a single, and it's a little bit." A wuhan yi driver told the yangtze business newspaper that it had not been easy for a long time, it had been nearly a year without cash, he was afraid to pick up orders, customers are also very difficult to get to the car.


In response to the driver's problem of cash withdrawals, in May last year, Yi had issued a notice that a new round of owners'cash withdrawals had been opened and that owners'cash withdrawals would be resolved in batches within 10 working days. It is reported that Yi to this time from the majority shareholder Tao Yun capital received tens of millions of funds to solve the problem of driver withdrawals.


Recently, easy-to-use vehicles announced a \"mixed payment\" full online. In addition to cash payments, passengers can also use the cash balance to pay,100% of the owner's income to the account in real time, cash does not need to wait.


On january 2, the yangtze commercial newspaper reporter used yidao app to call the car, after the final payment showed a total of 142 yuan, the driver to the account can be raised yuan, but the driver has thousands of yuan in the account cannot be put forward.


On october 12,2019, the people's court of beijing's fengtai district ruled that the court confirmed that the bank deposits in the name of beijing eastern cheyun information technology co., ltd. had been frozen in other cases, and the available balance was less than 2000 yuan, which was insufficient to pay off debts. The court imposed consumer restrictions on the company's legal representative from September 10,2019, limiting its consumption of high consumption and non-living and work-necessary consumption.


According to public information, easy-to-use cars were established as early as 2010, two years before Didi's time. As a domestic ride-hailing \"ancestor \", the business covers more than 190 cities at home and abroad. The website says it has more than 40 million users and 6 million owners.


It was easy to be popular with capital markets. Eye-check data show that yi has experienced a total of 11 rounds of financing. In the 2014 round of round D financing, ltd also received $100 million from the singapore government.


In october 2015, letv bought an easy-to-70% stake for $700 million. Just six months later, Letv's financial crisis broke out. Zhou hang, one of mr yi's founders, has publicly accused mr letv of creating an easy-to-reach crisis, saying in a statement that \"mr yi does have a funding problem right now, and the most immediate reason for this problem is mr letv's misappropriation of mr.1.3 billion \". Then, Yi to change hands again, in June 2017, Tao Yun Capital took over as Yi to the controlling shareholder.


In february 2019, wen xiaodong, ceo of tao yun capital, wrote in a circle of friends that he had turned his back on letv for taking over easy. Wen Xiaodong said that in 2017, Jia Yueting with \"life and death\" to him for help. When he entered the capital, he found that his overall liabilities had soared from more than $2 billion promised by Letv to nearly $5 billion.


Since then, mr yi has tried to cooperate with ali and mr shunfeng, but it has gone. Cash withdrawals have been a tug-of-war between drivers and customers and easy-to-use cars.


The lack of an effective profit model for “simply puts the need for car rentals in the past in the long tail over the internet, and the lack of a wide track is bound to strain its financial chain. Widening the track rather than using fancy'deduction' to find the incremental market is the key. One internet analyst told yangtze that the biggest problem with easy-to-use cars is that their model is wobbly, that if they are too business-friendly, they aren't mature in china, and that if they are aimed at the general public, they will be difficult to open up the market in the face of more cost-effective and diversified options such as dodi. The only thing that can be relied on for easy-to-use vehicles is the service, the professional and more reassuring service experience and the value-added services that may be derived from it, to broaden the otherwise narrow circuit of business vehicles, especially by competing for the pool of traffic from shared trips.